The Unexplored Goldmine

The opportunities in the revival of sick MSMEs

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*Book will be launched on 21 June 2019


The Unexplored Goldmine

The Opportunities In The Revival Of Sick MSMEs

is a first of it's kind book dealing with revival of sick MSMEs.

  • The book gives you a clear picture of what it takes for an entrepreneur to revive a company
  • It highlights on the issue of sickness, it's impact on the society, employment and economy
  • It scrutinises on what makes an entrepreneur fail and go into the stage of sickness
  • The book exposes you to multiple real life cases which will give a clear understanding of what to be taken into consideration when pursuing an entrepreneurial journey
  • It also emphasises on how to diagnose the problem before it is too late and take proper steps for revival/revitalisation, using various models like equity model and grow back
  • It demonstrates how social entrepreneurs can extract gold (value) out of sick MSMEs, help employment and optimally utilise resources


The Unexplored Goldmine

The Opportunities In The Revival Of Sick MSMEs

is a navigation compass into the world of MSMEs and it holds a special treasure for entrepreneurs. The problem of sickness in MSME is of vital importance to everyone. It is a matter of livelihood of millions of workers, and the economic state as a whole. Hence it is of utmost priority to solve this issue.

This book will make you an apprentice in understanding what entrepreneurs go through to operate their firms and having a clear picture of what makes them go downturn. It provides motivation and shows you different ways which can be leveraged to revive sick MSMEs and help them grow.

This book is a must read for every stakeholder in MSMEs, for entrepreneurs who are already in pursuit of their venture and also for individuals who plan to start their own.


Mr. Nilesh P. Desai

Mr. Nilesh P. Desai (B.E., Metallurgy), a veteran entrepreneur, has a vast experience (39 years) in the engineering industry. Having an entrepreneurial mindset, he started his own fabrication unit and continued with the venture for 39 years. During his career, he has gone through all the struggles of an entrepreneur. He fell down twice in his career, but picked himself back up to normality. During his career, he has revived 15 MSME units with his widespread knowledge in MSMEs. These units are presently functioning strongly. He is a member in various committees and represents the interest of MSME in RBI. He has travelled extensively, and has many business associations in Australia. His zeal towards reviving sick MSMEs made him start enterprises i.e. SMEGIL Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and SMEA Analytics Pvt. Ltd., geared towards the cure and prevention of sickness in MSMEs respectively. His struggles and efforts are only for one purpose...

"Nurturing MSMEs to sustainability"